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    A cybersecurity awareness and skills development initiative.

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  • #CyberYouth

    The youth in cybersecurity today represents a dynamic and indispensable force driving innovation, resilience, and security in the digital landscape.

  • The Power of Privacy: Why You Should Never Share Passwords

    In an increasingly interconnected world, where passwords safeguard our digital lives, the importance of keeping them private cannot be overstated.



A Cybersecurity awareness and skills development initiative.

Since inception (2017), CyberM8 has educated over 5 000 thousand young people in South Africa about cybersecurity through its online awareness campaigns.

Our Activities

Awareness Campaigns

Offline and online cybersecurity awareness campaigns/activations using both traditional and digital media are conducted for the public at large in partnership with government and private sector.

Cybersecurity Events

CyberM8 provides platforms of engagement such as summits, hackathons and seminars for the youth that are aimed at policy advocacy and contribution within cybersecurity.

Training and Empowerment

CyberM8 consists of capacity building workshops and on-going mentorship support to propel ICT SMMEs to take advantage of the business opportunities within the cybersecurity.

Toolkits and Manuals

Training manuals in a form of toolkits and quarterly magazines are designed for the youth to further communicate skills and internship or employment opportunities within the cybersecurity.